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Ball Valves

Ball valves stand out for their durability and reliable shutoff performance, even after extended periods of inactivity. They excel in critical shutoff applications, often surpassing the performance of globe and gate valves.

At JossMin, we adhere strictly to ASME standards in the production of Shut-Off, Control, and Multi-Position Ball Valves. Our Electro-Pneumatic Two Way Ball Valves, equipped with a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator, Solenoid Valve, Position Indicator, and AFR, offer seamless automation. Meanwhile, our Manual Ball Valves, available with Gearboxes or Levers, provide manual control options.

Our valves boast a blow-out-proof stem and antistatic ball as standard features. We offer various end connections to ensure compatibility with diverse pipelines. A Belleville washer, secured by gland nuts, guarantees zero leakage from live loading. Our valves’ components undergo ultra-finishing to enhance seal life and deflect flex seats. With a multi-sealed stem and a double gasket, we ensure a secure body joint sealing that prevents atmospheric leakage and protects against pipeline stress.

Each valve is manufactured, assembled and tested in-house to uphold the highest quality standards. For added safety, our valves are also available in a fire-safe design variation.

Explore JossMin’s extensive range of valves, including electro-pneumatic ball valves, 2-way ball valves, manual ball valves, and automated ball valve actuators. Discover segmented ball valve options, actuator ball valves, and more, all meticulously crafted for precision and durability.

JossMin's Two Way Ball Valve with Manual Gearbox, Pneumatic Rotary Actuator, Solenoid Valve and Valve Position Indicator in Dual Color
Variable Ends For On Off and Control Ball Valves
Bore Construction
  • Standard Port
  • Full Port
  • Segmented
  • Vented
Construction Type
  • Single Piece
  • Two Piece
  • Three Piece
Design Variations
  • Fire Safe / Non-Fire Safe
  • Seated / Cavity Filled
  • Unidirectional / Bi-directional
  • Jacketed
  • Vented / Segmented
  • Floating / Trunion mounted
  • Extended Stem
  • Low Emission
Variable End Connections / Rating
  • Flanged end / ASME 150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#
  • Threaded end / ASME 150#, 800#, 1500#, 2500#, CWP-1000
  • Tri Clover end / PN 10, 16
  • Welded ends – Butt-weld / ASME 150#, 300#, 600#
  • Welded ends – Socket-weld / ASME 150#, 1500#, 2500#, CWP 1000
  • Welded ends – Orbit-weld / PN 10, 16
  • SMS DIN / PN 10

Ball Valve - Manual & Automated

  • Size range from ½’’ to 16’’ with various end connection options
  • Solid Ball with Regular & Full Bore Options, with segmented and vented ball options for critical applications
  • Bidirectional & Unidirectional flow options
  • Soft & Metal Seated Options to suit different temperatures & media
  • Valve Cavity Filled option to reduce material deposition
  • Comes with Electro Pneumatic automation system for seamless integration into various processes
  • Construction available in one, two & three piece
  • Construction material in MS, SS & Special Alloys
  • Floating & Trunnion Mounted Designs
  • Anti-Static & Fire-Safe Design available
  • Designed to API 6D & ASME standards for utmost reliability and performance
  • Lined Variations in FEP & PFA available for corrosive media
  • Multiple configurations: On-Off, Control, Bulk-Dribble Control, Multi-position, Batching, Corse-Fine etc. with complete Electro-Pneumatic System
  • Optional Gearbox or Hand Lever for Manual operation or Manual Override on Automated Valves

Jacketed Ball Valve - Manual & Automated

Jacketed Ball Valve | JossMin

In cases where the media could be highly viscous or solidify under certain temperature conditions, Jacketed Valves are a go-to solution. These valves are a good fit for applications that require constant temperature regulation to ensure that the medium passing through the valve maintains its flowability. 

Jacketed Valves are ideal for applications with slurry materials, resins or emulsions where the temperature needs to be regulated and can tolerate high-temperature usage.

  • Ideal for high-viscosity or temperature-sensitive materials, ensuring consistent flow.
  • Single Piece Jacket available in various sizes.
  • Complies with API 6D / ASME standards, featuring Zero Leakage design.
  • Perfect for slurry, resin, or emulsion applications with precise temperature control.
  • Sizes: ½’’ to 16’’, with versatile jacket end connections (Flanged / BSP / NPTF Threaded).
  • Can be offered with multiple Jacket ports (In, Out & Drain) for tailored functionality.
  • Constructed from MS, SS & Special Alloys for durability.
  • Bidirectional and Unidirectional flow options, with Anti-Static & Fire-Safe Design.
  • Soft & Metal Seated Options for varying temperatures and media.
  • Valve Cavity Filled option minimizes material deposition.
  • Multiple configurations: On-Off, Control, Multi-position, etc.
  • Available with complete Electro-Pneumatic System or optional Manual operation.
  • ASME Flanged end options: 150#, 300#.