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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are a great choice for applications where standardized shut-off is required. They provide a low-torque rotation of 90 degrees and tend to be less expensive and lighter in weight, making them popular with operators. Butterfly valves are often distinguished by their three main types: Zero Offset or Centric Type, Double Eccentric or Double Offset Type & Triple Eccentric or Triple Offset.

JossMin’s offers Centric and Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves designed to meet the ASME Standards. The designs provide for easy actuation at all actuator torques, as well as a superior seal in the closed position. Available in a wide range of materials to suit varied industrial needs in the Universal Wafer Design and in a variety of end connections

For applications involving corrosive mediums, PFA / FEP Lined are available. Metal Seated Butterfly Valves are also available with electro-pneumatic automations for high temperature or operations involving slurry media.

Construction & Design
Metallic Flap Split BodyDouble Offset
Lined Flap Split BodyMetal Seated
Variable End Connections / Ratings
Universal Wafer / PN 10, 16
Tri clover end / PN 10, 16
Slim Body / PN 3, 6, 10
Weld ends – Orbit-weld / PN 10, 16

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves with Automations

With the double-offset structure, the Valve disc can leave the Valve seat quickly, greatly reducing unnecessary over-compression and scraping between them. This structure also helps decrease the wearing process and prolongs the operational life of the Valve. The Valves may be used in vacuum and with non-corrosive materials in Pharma, Food, and Beverage industries.

All Valves come with an antistatic stem design and offer bidirectional flow. The Butterfly Valve can be used for On-off, Modulating as well as Batching applications

All Valves are manufactured, assembled and tested in house to ascertain only the best in quality.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Construction available in CS and SS grades,
  • Available with lining for corrosive applications
  • Universal Wafer Design
  • Double Offset Disc
  • Floating seat retained by a metal retainer
  • Suitable for tight shut off vacuum and high-temperature applications
  • Long Lasting Low Friction Seating
  • Tight Sealing
  • Robust shaft design to support full range of actuator torques for easy operation
  • Ultra-finished to extend seal life and deflect flex seats
  • Multi-sealed stem and a double gasket set up to ensure positive body joint sealing 
  • Universal Wafer type / ASME 150#, ASME 300#, ASME 600#
  • Flanged End / ASME 150#, ASME 300#, ASME 600#

Centre Disc Butterfly Valves with Automations


  • Universal Wafer Design
  • Standard PN – 10 Rating
  • PFA Lining
  • Additional Back up Seat provided in case of PTFE / PFA Sleeve
  • Offered with Single or Double Pneumatic Rotary Actuator for ease of operation
  • Other electro-pneumatic accessories also avaialble

May be used in pharma, chemical or water treatment plants for corrosive or powdery materials.
The valve has a special PFA lining for corrosive applications. The design ensures maintenance ease. CE Certified with Stem integral valve disc.

SizeBodyDiscSleeveStemPressure Rating
VariableDI / WCB /CF8 / CF8M /CF3MCF8M /CF3M (PFA Lined)PTFE / PFACF8M / CF3M (PFA Lined)PN 10