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Valve Automation Systems

We want to make sure your valve automation system is as safe, reliable, and long-lasting as it can be. Underneath our friendly service and expert technicians, we’re a team of dedicated engineers and product developers who are constantly working to bring you the best possible automation system and accessories. We offer both complete electro pneumatic solutions and individual components including Solenoid Valves, Quick Exhaust Valves, Manifolds, Position Indicators and more.

While providing a huge array of options in our automation systems, we guarantee complete pneumatic control over the Valve – whether it be our own or yours – to allow ease of use and a heightened process operating experience.

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Automation Systems
Dribble Control – Two Stage / Three Stage
Dribble Control – Multi-Stage
Control – Two Way
Control Diverting – Three Way
Divert & Shutt- Off
Fail Lock System
Reactor Automation Logic Panels


3/2 Way Std Orifice Quick Exhaust
5/2 Way Std Orifice Quick Exhaust
3/2 Way High Orifice Quick Exhaust
5/2 Way High Orifice Quick Exhaust
3/2-5/2 Std Orifice Flow Controller
Key Gang Manifold
Feedback Modules
Flp Enclosure – 2 Spdt
Wp Enclosure – 2 Spdt
Flp Enclosure – 3 / 4 Spdt
Wp Enclosure – 3 Spdt
Flp Enclosure- Spl Modulating Controller
Wp Enclosure- Spl Modulating Controller
Solenoid Valves
3/2 Way Low Orifice Flp
3/2 Way Std Orifice Flp
3/2 Way Low Orifice Wp
3/2 Way Std Orifice Wp
5/2 Way Std Orifice Flp
5/2 Way Low Orifice Wp
3/2 Way High Orifice Flp Non-Namur
5/2 Way High Orifice Wp Non-Namur
3/2-5/2 Way Conv Std Orifice Flp
3/2-5/2 Way Conv Std Orifice Wp