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Flush Bottom Valves

Flush Bottom Valves work on the basic yet critical principle of tank flushing. Flush Bottom Valves are also popular as Reactor Bottom Valves or Tank Bottom Valves. Placing them directly at the bottom of reactor tanks effectively flushes out any material that needs to be removed. They are designed to handle the pressure and heat coming from the reactors.

Flush Bottom Valves are available in multiple varations and have a multitude of uses. These valves are found in many industries, all around the world; however, they are most commonly used for fitting into the bottom of a vessel for draining out stored material or for cleaning purposes.

Electropneumatic Flush Bottom Valve with inclined bonnet and Ball obturator, AFR, Solenoid, Position Indicator manufactured by JossMin

Optimize reactor tank flushing by using JossMin’s range of Flush Bottom Valves – available in standard Ball and upgraded Ball variations. The Valves can be coupled with our Electro-Pneumatic System for automated operation for on-off, batching and controlled flushing.

JossMin’s Flush Bottom Valves are designed, manufactured. assembled and tested in house and offer Features, such as:

  • Complete media removal without the risk of remnants
  • Ball construction variations to drain media entrapment on valve closing
  • Applicability across many processes, from water purification to nuclear reactor tank flushing
  • Easy Installation to suit multiple operational needs.
  • High durability for longer service life
  • Conformity to Standards
  • Customization as per use case
  • Superior sealing capabilities
  • Cavity filled options to prevent contamination by reducing fluid entrapment
  • Minimal to No Dead Leg
  • Jacketed and Purging Variations for special applications
  • Inclined Bonnet to avoid reactor bottom fouling
  • ASTM A 216 Gr. WCB
  • ASTM A 351 Gr. CF8
  • ASTM A 351 Gr. CF3
  • ASTM A 351 Gr. CF8M
  • ASTM A 351 Gr. CF3M
  • Special Alloys as per application or customer requirement
  • Hard-chrome options available as per application requirement
  • Please contact factory for other MoCs
  • PTFE
  • CFT
  • GLFT
  • Metal
  • Other materials as per pressure, temperature & fluid compatibility
  • Please contact factory for other MoCs
  • On-Off
  • Modulating
  • Coarse-Fine / Batching
  • Please contact factory for other variations
  • Flanged + Flanged – ASME 150#, 300#
  • Tongue + Tongue – ASME 150#, 300#
  • Groove + Groove – ASME 150#, 300#
  • Tongue + Groove – ASME 150#, 300#
  • Flanged + TC – ASME 150#, PN10
  • Weldable + Flanged – ASME 150#, 300#
  • Weldable + TC – ASME 150#, PN10
  • Please contact factory for other variations
  • Single Piece / Two Piece / Three Piece
  • Equal / Different Inlet & Outlet Connection Sizes
  • Full / Reduced Bore
  • Weldable / Bolted Upstream Flange Design
  • RTD sensor provision for temperature sensing
  • Please contact factory for other variations
  • Full Ball / E-Seg / Segmented Ball
  • Soft Seat / Metal Seat
  • Compact Wafer Type
  • Jacketed / Purging
  • Seated / Cavity Filled
  • Please contact factory for other variations