Flush Bottom Valves are a vital part of the critical act of reactor or tank flushing used across a variety of industries. Also popular as Reactor Bottom Valves or Flush Bottom Tank Valves, these are used at the bottom of reactor tanks to effectively flush out waste material or other materials that need to be removed.

Flush Bottom Valves are designed based on ball valves placed at the bottom of reactor tanks to flush the material stored in them while effectively handling the pressure and heat coming from the reactors. They have a multitude of uses and are found in many industries, all around the world; however, they are most commonly used for fitting into the bottom of a vessel for draining out stored material and also for cleaning purposes.

This process of tank flushing can be optimized by using JossMin’s range of Reactor Bottom Valves for the complete removal of the media without the risk of remnants. If you are involved in industrial and mechanical maintenance, then your tools cannot be complete without Flush Bottom Valves. The valves are used in a variety of processes, from water purification to nuclear reactor tank flushing. They are offered in different styles to suit a multitude of operation needs, including flanged end caps for easy installation, high durability for longer service life and many other features. We manufacture Flush Bottom Valves with a unique design in a manner that enables them to be easily fitted in various process vessels, thus saving time and money.

Designed under the Standards and even offerred along with cavity fillers keeps the sealing properties of the valves to a max, the use of these Valves remove any possibility of contamination. JossMin’s Flush Bottom Valves are offered in a range of sizes and end connections to ensure 100% flushing and minimal to no dead leg. Flush bottom valves in jacketed and purging variations are also available for special applications. The Valve is usually offered with an inclined bonnet (with an extension, if required) to avoid hitting the reactor, however, a straight bonnet is also available on request.

Single Piece / Two Piece / Three Piece
 Variable / Same Flange Sizes
Weldable / Bolted

Design Variations
Ball Type / E-Seg / Segmented
Soft Seat / Metal Seat
Wafer Type
Jacketed / Purging
With / Without Cavity Filler
Available End Connections Variations
Flanged End
Tri Clover End