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Ball Valves

Designed for precise media diverting applications, our Three Way Ball Valves offer versatile orientations to suit your specific needs. These valves operate by aligning the channels in the ball with the inlets and outlets, ensuring seamless control. Commonly used in the processing of fluids, there are a couple of different types of three way ball valves. One of them allows for full flow in either direction while the other requires the user to perform an action to change the flow direction.

JossMin manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of Three Way Ball Valves along with complete automation designed to comply with the ASME standards. In sectors such as Chemical, Utility, Food & Beverage, and Paint Industries, our valves stand recommended for their robust performance. Each valve boasts a blow-out-proof stem, antistatic ball, and complies with ASME standards, ensuring reliability and safety. The Electro-Pneumatic Ball Valves are primarily offered with complete automation (i.e. along with a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator, Solenoid Valve and AFR for ease of use) in a variety of end connections.

Experience unparalleled fluid control with JossMin’s Three Way Ball Valves. Elevate your operations today.

Bore Construction
  • T-port Diverter
  • L-port Diverter
  • Tri-port
  • Shut-off
Design Variations
  • Seated / Cavity Filled
  • Semi Jacketed
  • Extended Stem
  • Low Emission
Variable End Connections / Rating
  • Flanged end / ASME 150#, 300#
  • Threaded end – BSPF / NPTF
  • Tri Clover end / PN 10, 16

Three Way Diverter Ball Valve with Automations

JossMin's Three Way Ball Valve with Automations

The Valves work by aligning the channels in the ball with the inlets and outlets. The Ports can vary in configuration as one inlet – two outlets or vice versa. All ports are on the horizontal plane. The valve is offered in multiple orientations for Diverting Applications:

L-port Valve: The “L” shape cut-out of the ball delivers fluid across 90° from one port to another.

T-port Valve : The “T” shape cut-out of the ball can also deliver from one port to another, but it can also be rotated to align with the “T” shape of the Valve such that all 3 ports can mix. Also called a T-cavity ball valve, the design allows it to have two pipe inlets and one outlet. These valves can be used for switching or mixing applications between various fluid flows. Piggable valves are also available in this variation.


  • Ports may be configured as one inlet – two outlets or vice versa for diverting media.
  • All ports are placed on the horizontal plane
  • Optional cavity filled design available
  • Full Bore design

The Valve is offered in the standard flanged end connection, however, other variety of end connections are also available. The special cavity filled design helps avoid any entrapment of media.

Tri Port Control Ball Valve with Automations

Triport Valves showcase a unique customized ball valve design that has orientations over 3 Quadrants, i.e. Left, Right & Bottom. The valve orientations may be adjusted in the following manner depending on the intent of the operation:
  • Diverting-2 ports
  • Control-Diverting
  • Control-Mixing-3 Ports
Applicable in situations that require control, diverting or mixing characteristics, the design ensures the protection of pumps when using viscous or slurry media. The control diversion feature enables equal percentage flow with minimal or null pressure variations. The valve feature can also be used for achieving coarse and fine application with standard open by-pass (recirculation).

Port Design Configurations:

  • One inlet and two outlets | Two inlets and one outlet