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Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

JM Rack & Pinion Series

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Actuators are the major component of an automatic control system. As air flows in, it moves the piston which causes a torque to be developed in the connecting rod. This turning movement is used to operate automatic valves, dampers, bells or other shutters. 

JossMin offers a  robust and compact quarter-turn pneumatic rotary actuator model housed in an SS investment cast and anodized aluminium body featuring a pneumatically operated dual rack and pinion design. The body offers interfaces for valve mounting arrangements and auxiliary accessories. The build is optimized to work at low pressure and guarantees a quick response while ensuring no metal-to-metal contact. Our Single Acting pneumatic actuators use springs to ensure quicker response time.

Design Variations:

SPRING ACTING ACTUATOR – Double Rack & Pinion Type
  • 0-90 Degree Rotation
  • (-90 – 0 – +90) Degree Rotation
DOUBLE ACTING ACTUATOR – Double Rack & Pinion Type
  • 0-90 Degree Rotation
  • 0-120 Degree Rotation
  • 0-180 Degree Rotation
Penuamtic Rotary Actuator
Additional Features:
External Stroke Adjustment at a Minimum of ±5 in Both Open and Closed Positions
Blow-out Proof Pinion
No Metal to Metal Contact
Least Pressure Operation
Low Response Time
Light Weight


Pneumatic pressure of up to 8 bar
Output Torque: For 0-90° – 3 Nm to 4000 Nm

Mounting Interface:

ISO 5211 for Valves and Actuator Mounting Arrangements
NAMUR for Solenoid Valve mounting
VDI / VDE 3845 for Actuator and Auxiliary Accessories