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Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

JM Double Rack & Pinion Series

Enhance Your Automatic Control System with JossMin’s Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

Actuators play a pivotal role in the seamless functioning of automatic control systems. When air flows into our robust and compact quarter-turn pneumatic rotary actuator model, it triggers movement in the piston, generating torque in the connecting rod. This rotational motion is harnessed to effortlessly operate automatic valves, dampers, bells, and other shutters.

At JossMin, we take pride in offering a superior solution—the pneumatic rotary actuator. Our model boasts a durable construction, with an SS investment cast and anodized aluminum body. The design features a pneumatically operated dual rack and pinion mechanism, ensuring optimal performance. The body is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate valve mounting arrangements and auxiliary accessories, providing a versatile solution for your needs.

Our pneumatic rotary actuators excel at low-pressure operations, delivering a swift and precise response. We have prioritized the elimination of metal-to-metal contact, ensuring a smooth operation and minimizing wear and tear. For enhanced efficiency, our Single Acting pneumatic actuators utilize springs to guarantee quicker response times.

Choose JossMin for reliable and high-performance pneumatic rotary actuators, revolutionizing your automatic control system. Experience the difference in precision and effectiveness with our cutting-edge actuator technology.

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
JossMin's Double Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Design Variations: JossMin’s Pneumatic Rotary Actuators for Versatility and Performance

JossMin offers a range of design variations in our pneumatic rotary actuators, providing versatility and exceptional performance for your specific needs. Our design options include:

Spring-Acting Actuator – Double Rack & Pinion Type:

  • 0-90 Degree Rotation: This variant offers precise control with a 90-degree rotation range.
  • (-90 – 0 – +90) Degree Rotation: With a wider rotation range, this actuator enables seamless operation across (-90 to +90) degrees

Double-Acting Actuator – Double Rack & Pinion Type:

  • 0-90 Degree Rotation: Ideal for applications requiring a 90-degree rotation range.
  • 0-120 Degree Rotation: This variant extends the rotation range to 120 degrees, accommodating broader control needs.
  • 0-180 Degree Rotation: With a full 180-degree rotation range, this actuator enables complete control over a wide range of applications.

Special Stainless Steel Actuators: Our special stainless steel actuators are designed to provide exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for challenging environments or applications that require stringent hygiene standards.

No matter the design variation you choose, JossMin’s pneumatic rotary actuators deliver reliable performance, precise control, and durability. Experience the benefits of our high-quality actuator solutions and elevate the performance of your control systems.

Additional Features:
External Stroke Adjustment at a Minimum of ±5 in Both Open and Closed Positions
Blow-out Proof Pinion
No Metal to Metal Contact
Least Pressure Operation
Low Response Time
Light Weight


Pneumatic pressure of up to 8 bar
Output Torque: For 0-90° – 3 Nm to 4000 Nm

Mounting Interface:

ISO 5211 for Valves and Actuator Mounting Arrangements
NAMUR for Solenoid Valve mounting
VDI / VDE 3845 for Actuator and Auxiliary Accessories