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JossMin is a customer-centric Valve and Automation Systems Manufacturer based out of Vasai, Mumbai.  We expertise in and offer Electro-Pneumatic solutions tailored to specifically suit your requirements. Our Valve range is a comprehensive one – including multiple variations in Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Flush Bottom Valves, On-Off valves, and other valve-related products.


Featured Products

Flush Bottom Tank Valves with Automations

2 Way and 3 Way Ball Valves with Automations

Butterfly Valves with Automations

In-House Production

We design, manufacture, assemble and test all of our products in house, displaying complete in-house production capability.

On-time Delivery

A dedicated Planning team ensures that all our consignments reach you in the shortest time possible.

Multiple Applicablities

Keeping in mind industries that are extremely diverse in their requirements such as the petrochemical and food & beverage industries, our Valves are designed to cater to wide range of applications.

Assured Quality

Experienced professionals ensure quality checks at every stage to get you a reliable, durable and safe product that offers efficient and quality flow control, every single time.


Our valves are designed and manufactured to comply with the required ISO and ASME standards. However, we strive to go beyond required standards, assuring long term usage.

The Complete
Valve Automation System

We know your business is important to you. You don’t want to waste time or money on a vendor that doesn’t “get it.”

At JossMin, we take the time to understand you and your specific needs, and then we go above and beyond to meet them. Our team is dedicated to our clients, and we work together to find automation solutions that make sense for you.

JossMin offers the complete Electro-Pneumatic Valve Automation system – including Pneumatic Actuators, Valves, Gearboxes, Position Indicators, Solenoid Valves and more – manufactured, assembled and tested in-house.


Our Pneumatic Rotary Actuators house a dual rack & pinion design offering the flexibility to mount other arrangements, and ensuring quick response time in addition to a low-pressure operation.


Every valve is designed and manufactured to comply with the required ISO and ASME standards making them the ideal choice for any and every use case.

Position Indicator

Our Position Indicators offer various types of proofing so that you get the best choice for your specific environment.

Manual Override

To tackle situations possessing the risk of electrical power or air pressure failure, we offer full manual control over our valves by providing a gearbox or lever fitted to them.


Our valves are optimized to be solenoid actuated, allowing manipulation and convenient control over its position from remote locations using simple electrical switches

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