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How to Choose your Valve

Consider the Environment
Take into account the Line size and End Connection required for your Valve to be correctly installed. Consider the atmospheric corrosion as well. Special Valves may be required for Critical or high-risk applications.

Consider the Media
The nature of the media – liquid or gas – abrasiveness of the media, its flowability, if it’s corrosive or not, these factors play a major role in the material selection of the Valve Body and Trim.
The Seat material also needs to be chosen based on these factors.

Consider the Line Temperature, Pressure and Flow Rate.
The Valve may be subject to various temperatures and pressures under which it needs to operate. Metal Valves withstand higher temperatures than plastic ones.

Consider Maintenance
On observation of the flowing media, the valve’s maintenance term can be determined. The construction can hence, be picked accordingly.

Consider Factors that can Help Enhance your Experience
Automation factors such as Actuators, Solenoid Valves and Position Indicators can ease the process and elevate the experience.

JossMin ensures that all these factors are taken into account when selecting a Valve. Reach out to us through the Contact Us page to find personalized assistance based on your use case.

The VMA also offers a Valve Specifying Checklist that mentions in detail necessary factors that come into consideration while picking a Valve. The same can be viewed here – 

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