The JossMin product range includes the complete Valve Automation System The Valves can be coupled with a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator, Declutchable Gearbox, Position Indicator, and Solenoid Valve.

We offer products that have highly efficient performance, available in various sizes. The pneumatic system is updated and designed as per required specifications to ensure absolute functionality in the customer’s environment. Our products have easy installation, require low maintenance and are configured to ensure your demands and techniques.

Two Way Ball Valves

Pneumatic Actuators

Three Way Ball Valves

Flush Bottom Valves

Butterfly Valves

The Complete Valve Automation Solution


Our Pneumatic Rotary Actuators house a dual rack & pinion design offering the flexibility to mount other arrangements, and ensuring quick response time in addition to a low-pressure operation.


Every valve is designed and manufactured to comply with the required ISO and ASME standards making them the ideal choice for any and every use case.

Position Indicator

Various types of proofing is available so that you get the best product for your specific environment.

Declutchable Gearbox

In situations where there is there is a risk of electrical power or air pressure failure, we offer complete manual control over our valves by providing a gearbox fitted to it.


Our valves are optimized to be solenoid actuated, allowing manipulation and convenient control over its position from remote locations using simple electrical switches